Emily is Away, good but not that good.

Simply speaking, Emily is Away is a one-hour length free vision novel. It wants to express a feeling of the life when we were young. It definitely gives me a feeling of that, but the chat/article doesn’t build the character in an attractive way. The most important thing is that it makes me think Emily is just a bitch instead of my first lover.


Here are some comments for this  game:


  1. Typing instead of just making choice to push the conversation forward, which makes players feel that they are the main character. (although it is annoying when you play this game more than one time).
  2. It makes me have a kind of feeling.
  3. The last chapter is perfect, especially the last choice.
  4. goodbye.


  1. The main characters are not attractive. Especially for Emily, the whole story makes her look like a bitch, instead of making me think of my first love.
  2. The choice cannot change the fate.
  3. goodbye.


Score: 78/100 (60 for game + 10 for free + 5 for independent game + 3 for goodbye )


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